Air Ride™ Fifth-Wheel RV Pin Box

The Air Ride Pin Box significantly dampens road shock, protecting the RV and providing a smoother ride.


Trailair was the first to the market with air ride technology for fifth-wheel RVs and still leads the way in innovative pin box technology. The Trailair Air Ride Pin Box acts as a buffer between the tow vehicle and RV, arresting the impact of road shock and stabilizing towing performance. How? Simple — unique scissor action allows the air bag to absorb road shock and vibration while the gas shock handles any rebound or bounce effect, providing a better, smoother ride.

  • Gas shock and air bag absorb road shock and control fore-to-aft-coach movement (chucking)
  • Protects RV from road shock and vibrations, potentially saving owners from costly repairs
  • Improves ride and reduces driver fatigue
  • can be retrofitted to most pin boxes on the market
  • Replaces all popular LCI pin boxes; 16K (1621), 18K (1621), 21K long jaw (1621), 21K (1716), 18K (0719), 21K (1116)
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