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Awning Speakers

Excellent Sound Quality

Our patent-pending Solera Awning Speakers are located inside the two Solera awning heads, providing excellent sound quality and directing sound to the campsite. Listen to a book or your favorite music while having lunch, dinner or just relaxing under our attractive, quality Solera Manual or Power awning.

Easy Installation

The Solera Awning Speakers simplify installation. OEMs are tired of working with standard speakers that have to be installed on exterior walls, so customers asked us to design something better. Previously, customers were limited on speaker placement because they had to hide speaker wiring inside cabinets or find other creative spaces. Now speakers are located inside the awning heads. The awning heads act like speaker boxes, improving and amplifying sound.

LCI only sells this product to aftermarket dealers, distributors, or retail customers on a warranty replacement basis. If you own this product and need it replaced, please call our customer support hotline at 574-537-8900.