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Qwik-Load Turnbuckles

Our Qwik-Load Turnbuckles upgrade any turnbuckles with 1/2-inch threaded rod to lever action.

"Qwik" Facts

  • Allows for adjustment of turnbuckles after installation
  • Removable handle streamlines appearance and deters theft
  • Locking pin ensures safety and secure performance
  • Comfortable handle makes for easy operation

Qwik Load Turnbuckles

Load and unload your camper easier than ever with the Qwik Load lever-action turnbuckles from Happijac. These strong, lever-action turnbuckles feature a stainless steel barrel and a comfortable, removable handle. The FM-QLTB kit includes 2 front spring-loaded Qwik-Load turnbuckles with 11-inch hooks, 2 rear stress-guard Qwik-Load turnbuckles with 24-inch hooks, 4 removable handles and 4 locking pieces.

Standard Turnbuckles

The time tested, industry standard, Happijac turnbuckles (FM-QL kit) are proven performers. It includes 2 ea. spring-loaded front turnbuckles and 2 ea. stress-guard rear turnbuckles with stainless steel components for superior corrosion protection.

Qwik-Load Upgrade

Upgrade your existing turnbuckles to lever-action with the FM-QL. This Qwik-Load upgrade comes with four Qwik-Load adapters, locking pins and four removable handles. The Qwik-Load upgrade is compatible with any turnbuckles using 1/2" threaded rod.

Long Action Turnbuckles

Happijac now offers reach below the side of the truck turnbuckles in 40-inch long action. Happijac also offers 40-inch-long action turnbuckles that reach below the side of the truck. The FM-QLLA kit includes two Qwik-Load lever action, spring-loaded stainless steel turnbuckles. The FM-TBLA kit includes two spring-loaded, stainless steel turnbuckles. For more information, visit the Happijac website.

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LCI only sells this product to aftermarket dealers, distributors, or retail customers on a warranty replacement basis. If you own this product and need it replaced, please call our customer support hotline at 574-537-8900.

For more information, visit the Happijac dealer locator.