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Happijac® Power Bed lift

Our heavy-duty Happijack Power Bed Lift is easy to operate and will maximize your space by lifiting up to two queen-size beds out of the way to make room for motorcycles or ATVs. 

Raising the Bar

Happijac has set the bar high. For the past decade, Happijac has been the industry leader in RV interior space management. Happijac has engineered quality and secure mechanisms for room slide-outs and reliable lift mechanisms for converting cargo space into bed space and back again. It's not often that manufacturers, dealers and owners agree on something. In this case, they all love Happijac.

Happijac Power Bed Lifts offer many quality features, including quick timing adjustment and pre-assembled base-rail units. A powerful, heavy-duty direct drive motor and patented self-contained track make Happijac Power Bed Lifts ultra-solid and stable at any height with the simple flip of a switch.

Looking Good and Safe

Don't let its slim profile and clean appearance fool you. Underneath lies all the strength and versatility you'll ever need in an RV bed lift.

Secure at any Position

Now you can securely sleep wherever you want. Simply raise or lower the bed to the desired height. That's it — the bed is ready to use. There are no pins or components to lock into place, set up or store.

Serious Motoring

The difference between our bed lifts and others is like comparing a 2 cylinder engine to a V8. Our 1/4HP motor is engineered so you can enjoy our product for the life of your trailer.

LCI only sells this product to aftermarket dealers, distributors, or retail customers on a warranty replacement basis. If you own this product and need it replaced, please call our customer support hotline at 574-537-8900.