Lippert Components manufactures and supplies versatile furniture solutions for boat manufacturers, including compact and comfortable captain’s seats, swiveling bucket seats, lounge seats, flip flop seats with storage, arm rests, consoles and more. Additionally, we make reliable custom trailers for watercraft and distribute premium Furrion® brand electronics to boat manufacturers and aftermarket dealers, including LED televisions, sound systems, navigation systems, galley appliances and shore power solutions.


We work with boat manufacturers to develop versatile, compact and comfortable boat furniture to enhance the mobile lifestyle and help the industry attract a broader demographic. We recently won the International Boatbuilders Exhibition & Conference Millennial Award for our sophisticated lounge seat designed for Titan Boats. Fostering a free exchange of knowledge and expertise between our boat furniture team and motorhome furniture team allows us to develop fresh and exciting solutions for both markets.

For more than 50 years we have manufactured quality watercraft, motorcycle and equipment trailers with all sorts of excellent optional features including storage boxes, spare tire carriers and bike carriers. Every one of our boat trailers features a heavy-duty safety chain, steel fenders and steel-reinforced carpeted bunks for reliable stability and safety while towing. We also build custom heavy-duty trailers including Fifth-wheel goose neck trailers and forklift trailers with a range of durable materials including, steel, iron and wood.

We distribute premium Furrion® brand electronics to boat manufacturers and dealers, including LED televisions, sound systems, navigation systems and power solutions. Founded by a team of marine engineers, Furrion focuses on marine safety and product performance. Every Furrion product is engineered and tested to withstand the extremes of the marine environment – vibration, shock and temperature variances. The combined Furrion and LCI Research & Development team will facilitate even more innovation and bold product design.

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