1500 Vinyl Side-Loading Windows

Dependable and durable, the Kinro 1500 Series Vinyl Windows will add beauty to your home for many years. The 1500 Series Vinyl Windows feature a sleek, clean appearance that will brighten any room. Our 1500 Series Vinyl Windows feature a quality weather strip seal and come in multiple sizes.

This product is only available to OEMS and LCI approved Distributors.

  • Optional standard frame for use with all wall/sliding types or lap frame with integral siding pocket that eliminates the need for additional siding trim pieces
  • Heat fusion welded frame provides superior structural strength and prevents potential leakage at the corners
  • Multi-chambered frame improves thermal and sound insulating values
  • Staggered weep system channels water to the outside of the window and prevents dust infiltration
  • Hot-melt sealed insulating glass protects against air and moisture leakage
  • High quality fin seal weather strip provides positive seal around sash/vent perimeter, protecting against the elements, noise and dust
  • Optional internal grid is color matched to the exterior window frame and make cleaning the glass easy
  • Block and tackle balance ensures that the operating sash glides effortlessly
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Window Brochure