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About Your Benefits & Well-Being

What happens to my benefits upon return to work?

How your benefits will be reinstated

If your Return to Work Date Is:

30 Days or Less

Between 31 Days and 180 Days


Day One

Day One


Day One

Day One


Day One

Day One


Day One

1st of the month following 60 days *


Day One

1st of the month following 60 days**


Day One

1st of the month following 60 days**


Day One

Day One


Day One

Day One

* Voluntary Life Insurance will be offered to you again under the Newly Hired Team Member rules and the conditional guarantee issue rules will be applied.You will not be able to reinstate any amounts above the guarantee issue, but you can apply for additional coverage by completing the Evidence of Insurability forms. Refer to How to Keep My Life Insurance Benefits During & After Layoff for more details.

** New pre-existing waiting period rules may be applied to your new Disability coverage. Check with your Dedicated LCI Benefits Team ( for more details.

Q: Do all of my benefits get reinstated on Day One when I return?
A: Your reinstatement of benefits depends on many factors – how long you are laid off, and the rules for reinstatement or re-enrollment of each type of benefit. Details about this are included on the “How Your Benefits Will Be Reinstated” grid posted on this website.

Q: Will my benefits be reinstated to the level of benefits I had prior to my layoff date?
A: Reinstatement from layoff is not like an Open Enrollment where you can make changes to your benefits. Your benefits will be reinstated to the level of coverage you had in place on your last day worked prior to layoff.

Q: What if I paid for my monthly COBRA premium for the same month that I have been called back to work?
A: Contact your LCI benefits team at: to discuss the premium payments that you made.

Q: Will my Dental and Vision coverage be reinstated even if I didn’t pay for COBRA while I was off?
A: Yes, even if your Dental or Vision was not continued under COBRA, these coverages will be reinstated as listed on the “How Your Benefits Will Be Reinstated” grid posted on this website.

Q: What if I experienced a Qualifying Life Event during layoff?
A: If you had a Qualifying Life Event during layoff, such as marriage, birth, adoption, divorce or death in the family, you can make changes to your benefits according to the regular rules on benefit changes due to a Qualifying Life Event. Contact your LCI benefits team at:; you will be required to provide written proof of the Life Event (such as marriage or birth certificate, etc.).

Q: Will I be able to keep the Voluntary Life Insurance amounts I had above the Guarantee Issue?
A: No, once you return to work you will be able to reapply under the New Hire rules up to the guarantee issue limits, and also complete Evidence of Insurability to see if you qualify again for any amounts above the guarantee issue. If you want to keep the higher amounts you already qualified for, you can contact Unum at: 1-866-220-8460 to change your policy to an individual plan. Click here for more details and information on “How to Keep My Life Insurance Benefits During and After Layoff” Insert .pdf on how to keep my life insurance benefits here

Q: What happens to my Short and/or Long Term Disability coverage when I return to work?
A: Disability income coverage stopped on the day that your active-at-work paycheck stopped. Refer to the “How Your Benefits Will Be Reinstated” grid posted on this website for more details on when your disability coverage will be reinstated.

Q: Will my Short and/or Long Term Disability insurance still cover my pre-existing conditions?
A: The general answer to this is No since most people will return to work with more than a 30 day gap in employment. Feel free to contact your LCI benefits team with your specific questions: .

Q: If I’m not recalled from layoff and want to continue medical, dental or vision benefits on COBRA, who do I contact?
A: Until LCI changes COBRA providers effective 6/1/2020, you can contact Wage Works at 1-800-526-2720.
Wage Works, Inc.
P O Box 34740
Louisville KY 40232-4740

Other medical options besides COBRA

We understand that it may be financially difficult for some of our members to afford the COBRA premiums to keep medical coverage in force for you and your covered dependents, so we are providing some information on possible alternate options for your consideration.

What is COBRA?

COBRA is a continuation of your LCI group medical plan. As long as you pay the premiums, there is no break in coverage from when you were Active at Work. Your deductibles and out of pocket maximums remain intact, and any treatments for your pre-existing conditions would be covered.
For COBRA continuation – you do not have to cover all family members; if only one person in the family needs the continued coverage, you can simply pay the Single rate to cover just that one person.
Premium information will be included in your COBRA packet, or are posted here include link here to the .pdf “sample wage works COBRA letter and form”.

Temporary Insurance

A Short Term Medical Plan may be a good alternative for you to consider.
About this type of policy:
• Guarantee issue medical coverage
• Does not cover any pre-existing conditions, but
• Provides medical coverage for an illness, injury or emergency that may happen during the time you’re covered under this policy • Includes access to TeleHealth virtual doctor visits
• Prescriptions would be available under a discount card included with the plan
• Can buy a policy for as little as one month, or for a longer time if you feel you may need it
• Very low cost option to have some coverage in place to cover you for the “Unexpected” while you are in between the times of actively employed coverage

Click here for more information about Temporary Medical Insurance

For more information or to apply for coverage, call your Key Benefit Administrators (KBA): 1-800-886-3744 or check the enrollment website at:

Individual/Family Major Medical Plans

If your layoff may be extended for a longer period of time, outside of the high cost of COBRA and a Temporary Insurance plan which would not cover your pre-existing conditions, there are options on the open, individual health insurance market that may be very good options for your consideration.

About this type of policy:

• Conditional guarantee issue medical coverage
• May have a shorter waiting period for pre-existing conditions, or no pre-existing condition waiting period at all
• Is a full Major Medical plan that you can keep even after you are called back to Active work duty
• TeleHealth virtual doctor visits are included in most plans
• Prescription drug coverage would be included in the coverage
• Depending upon your personal situation, you may qualify for a subsidy to help you with the cost of your premiums

For more information or to apply for coverage, you can visit,; or, for more personal assistance, contact your Dedicated LCI benefits team at (or call the LCI HR hotline at: 1-574-313-7480 ) and we will put you in touch with a personal representative who can help guide you through your coverage options.

Click here for more information about The Health Markets

About my life insurance benefits

Your life insurance coverage grace period ends on the 31st day after your layoff date.

If you would like to continue your Basic Life or your Voluntary Life insurance coverage, you must contact Unum at 1-866-220-8460 AS SOON AS POSSIBLE before your deadline to convert your policy coverage has ended.

For more information and details about your policy information, click here: attached the .pdf on How to Keep My Life Insurance Benefits


If you return to active work duty more than 30 days from your layoff date, your voluntary life insurance will be reinstated on the 1st of the month following 60 days from your return to work date.

But, you will only be able to reinstate up to the guarantee issue amount. If you had additional coverage above the guarantee issue amount, then you will have to complete a new Evidence of Insurability form to see if you qualify.

To avoid this, contact Unum at: 1-866-220-8460 and ask how you can continue this additional amount on your own to make sure you have the full amount of life insurance that you want for your family’s needs.

LCI is committed to assisting our team members during this time of uncertainty.

To assist with any questions relating to benefits / medical / EAP services, we wanted
to provide you with the following information.

While information from the CDC and medical professionals continues to evolve as the situation rapidly changes, we encourage you to monitor you and your family’s health on a regular basis in the event that you experience any symptoms which could be in line with the COVID-19.

Current and up-to-date information can be found at the Centers for Disease Control website for this disease:

Manage Your Stress & Anxiety

Refer to the Health & Benefits Resources About LCI’s Employee Assistance Program" and "Coping with COVID"

Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations.  LCI provides assistance for our team members and your families to get through this stressful time.

• Employee Assistance Program – available to all LCI team members, and your families; 24/7 access to speak to a professional who can speak directly with you about your concerns
-    Unlimited phone counseling visits
-    Up to 3 in-person counseling sessions at $0 copay cost to you!

Things you can do to support yourself
• Take breaks from watching, reading or listening to news stories, including social media.  Hearing about the pandemic repeatedly can be upsetting
• Take care of your body.  Take deep breaths, stretch or meditate.  Try to eat healthy, well-balanced meals, exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep, and avoid alcohol and drugs
• Make time to unwind – try to do some other activities you enjoy
• Connect with others; talk with people you trust about your concerns and how you’re feeling.

Note:  if you or someone you care about, are feeling overwhelmed with emotions like sadness, depressions or anxiety, or feel like you want to harm yourself or others, call:
• 911
• Substance Abuse Helpline:  1-800-985-5990
• Text TalkWithUs to 66746 (TTY 1-800-846-8517)

Contact your healthcare provider if stress gets in the way of your daily activities for several days in a row!

Benefit Information

MDLive – Telehealth at your fingertips!  Refer to the Health & Benefits Resources About MDLive
-    If you are experiencing any symptoms of the flu, or experiencing any other illness – your first stop could to access virtual medical care, 24/7 through MDLive
-    If you are on the LCI medical plan, you have access to UNLIMITED VIRTUAL VISITS at $0 copay
-    If you are not on the LCI medical plan, visit and get access to a virtual care visit at a $49 copay per visit
-    Seek treatment at the closest emergency room if your symptoms are severe and include:
    o    Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
    o    Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
    o    New confusion or inability to arouse
    o    Bluish lips or face

You are encouraged to call the MDLive physicians if you are experiencing any questionable symptoms, or are not sure your symptoms are severe enough to go to the ER

Information on Benefits Beginning / During / After Layoff

Prescription drugs
-    There will be no changes to your prescription drugs, and no delay in obtaining your refills as long as your coverage is in force
-    Some reminders:
    o    One-time/short-time prescriptions, such as antibiotics or pain meds:
-you can fill these prescriptions at any in-network pharmacy, including Walgreens, CVS, Walmart or many of your local in-network pharmacies
-      The requirement for you to get your maintenance drugs in 90 day supplies will still be in
place, but remember:
    o    You save time with only one refill for every 3 month supply, and
    o    You save money with paying only 2 months of the medication cost instead of all 3 months
    o    And, for the 3 month supply, you’ll need to get set up through either PillPack’s mail order service (not currently available in AL), or through your local Walmart or Sam’s Club

• ID cards:
-    If you need your ID card you can get an extra copy by:
    o    Your current ID cards will be valid through the COBRA continuation period
    o    Downloading the KBA app on your phone – Refer to the Health & Benefits Resource About the KBA App!
    o    Checking your member portal at:


If you need personal assistance, contact your LCI benefits team at:


Do I fill out cobra paperwork if I don’t want dental or vision? 

Even with LCI providing your 1st month of COBRA coverage for the medical, our professional recommendation is that you elect Cobra coverage for medical but you will not pay that premium for the month that Lippert is covering.


Do I have to mail the COBRA paperwork?

We recommend that you mail the paperwork back to:  

Wage Works Inc.
P.O. Box 34740
Louisville Kentucky 40232-4740 

If you find it easier you may fill it out online or enroll over the phone at 800.526.2720.   See attached sample COBRA continuation letter and information.  Sample COBRA information


Does my coverage get reinstated when I return to work?

Please see the chart on this website which details what happens to your benefits upon your return to work.


How do I apply to continue my life insurance coverage?

For your life insurance continuation options, please see attached forms here. Information and applications for Converting Porting Life Insurance


What do I claim on my employment for the cobra gross amount? 

Please reach out to your HR representative for all questions regarding unemployment paperwork.