Above-Floor Slide-Out

Convenient for sofa or bed applications, our Above-Floor Slide-Out mechanisms sit above the frame for efficient slide room movement. Our Above-Floor Slide-Outs represent a new standard in storage space optimization. Through reduction of moving parts and drive linkage, as well as the development of a tightly integrated rail and track, these slides are virtually invisible to RV owners. Manufacturers are no longer bound by conventional space restraints. This sophisticated design also allows RV designers to focus more on the needs and wants of their customers rather than on hiding large and cumbersome mechanisms. The ultra-low profile offers a flush-floor look, substantial storage space or room for a bed with box springs. The design also provides unprecedented living and storage space possibilities. A double ram unique captured track delivers smooth, stable, no-play operation and contributes to a lower tongue weight by eliminating heavy linkages, drive mechanisms and other components. Our fixed frame slides come in multiple frame depths and rail lengths.


LCI Above-Floor sofa and bed slides feature a pre-squared frame design that makes installation and alignment simple, fast and trouble free. Simply attach the motor (if using electric), align the factory-assembled slide mechanism with the outer wall, bolt the frame to the floor and synchronize the drive rails using our unique timing-adjustment feature. This unique timing adjustment feature eliminates the tedious synchronization of drive rails during installation. Simply pull back the spring-loaded drive shaft to disengage it from the drive mechanism and adjust (1/8" per tooth). This allows installers to easily match timing to the neighboring track base for a tight seal with the outer wall.

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