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The Leader's Journey

The Leader’s Journey is a specialized, two-day leadership experience that emphasizes a people-first mentality.

Through customized leadership development training, The Leader’s Journey will challenge you to define your desired leadership development trajectory and will help you grow and strengthen your abilities beyond just the basics. Go beyond textbook processes and “one size fits all” strategies and dive into the unique aspects that will ultimately define your leadership journey.

Magnifying Glass With Stick Figure Under It

You will come away from The Leader’s Journey with a clear understanding of how you are wired to lead, a new sense of purpose and a defined direction, both personally and professionally. You’ll learn new skills and tools you can use on a daily basis, and as you come to understand your leadership style, you’ll be able to apply your new skills to help move yourself and your organization forward.

Group of Stick Figure People

Personal and professional leadership development is critical to your success. As a leader, if you don’t continue to grow your own understanding and leadership abilities, neither you, your team nor your operation will continue to grow either. Wherever your own leadership growth stops is where the growth potential of you, your team, and your business stops.

Stick Figure Teacher at Podium Teaching Students

You have no doubt attended plenty of classes or sessions to grow the “important” parts of your business, but too often, the focus turns to management strategies. After two days, you will better understand yourself and your team, and you’ll gain a focused skill-set to better lead yourself and those around you. The Leader's Journey will challenge you to look at your operation in a new light.

Hands in a Circle on Top of One Another

If someone asked you why you do the things you do or why you believe in the things you believe, what would you tell them? As you interact with others, do you get frustrated with their lack of understanding? Alternatively, are you sensing their frustration with you? Start getting the buy-in for the things you want to do, build trust in your leadership skills, and learn to trust the teams you lead.

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