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Lippert Components debuts Solera® Serenity Lighting for awnings

November 19, 2018

Elkhart, Ind. — Lippert Components, Inc. (LCI®) announces the introduction of Solera® Serenity Lighting to its line of awning accessories.

Standard RV light strips tend to produce a bright blueish light, with about 3,400 kelvin temperature, that are traditionally used in operating rooms or in settings where brighter lighting is critical. For campsites and RV setups, standard RV and awning lighting can often be too bright, detracting from campsite ambiance.

Solera Serenity Lighting offers a warm, natural illumination color and brightness that provides a more inviting campsite and RV setup. Mounted on the awning arms, the lighting features dimming capabilities that allow for easy illumination adjustment. When a dimmer switch is used, RVers can control the Serenity Lighting’s illumination level to create the campsite that meets their precise needs. Serenity Lighting’s built-in dimming capabilities allow campers lighting versatility to either illuminate their entire campsite or to dim the lights to create a cozier campsite atmosphere.

Serenity Lighting features automotive grade LED lighting with dimming capabilities. With a three year warranty, Solera’s Serenity Lighting is guaranteed to meet the needs of every camper.

“The Serenity Lighting was developed to further satisfy customer needs. We’re very excited to debut this product to our ever-expanding line of awnings and awning accessories,” said Scott McKinnon, Product Manager at LCI.

This product is currently only available to OEMs. For more information, contact Scott McKinnon at

About LCI Industries ®

From over 90 manufacturing and distribution facilities located throughout North America and Europe, LCI Industries, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, LCI, supplies, domestically and internationally, a broad array of highly engineered components for the leading OEMs in the recreation and transportation product markets, consisting primarily of recreational vehicles and adjacent industries, including buses; trailers used to haul boats, livestock, equipment, and other cargo; trucks; boats; trains; manufactured homes; and modular housing. The Company also supplies engineered components to the related aftermarkets of these industries primarily by selling to retail dealers, wholesale distributors, and service centers. LCI's products include steel chassis and related components; axles and suspension solutions; slide-out mechanisms and solutions; thermoformed bath, kitchen, and other products; vinyl, aluminum, and frameless windows; manual, electric, and hydraulic stabilizer and leveling systems; entry, luggage, patio, and ramp doors; furniture and mattresses; electric and manual entry steps; awnings and awning accessories; towing products; truck accessories; electronic components; and other accessories. Additional information about LCI and its products can be found at

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