Bonded Bus Windows

  • Clean, frameless appearance
  • Same glass pane used in egress & non-egress windows to provide smooth appearance along entire sidewall
  • Several contour radii available
  • Single handle egress latch system easy to operate with one hand; latch returns to original position when released
  • Egress and non-egress windows use same clamp ring
  • Egress retention spring/tie bar allows window to be slammed shut
  • Similar frame extrusion depths allow for similar offsets from outboard mounting surface
  • Minimal space between egress inner and outer frames reduces debris accumulation between frames
  • Frameless design allows for variable glass thicknesses and variable overlap offsets
  • Accessible egress mechanism makes it easy to clean and perform preventative maintenance
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Gen II Bonded Bus Window

Gen II Bonded Bus Window

Gen II Bonded

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