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Manufacturing Capabilities

LCI Industries supplies a broad array of highly engineered components to our OEM customers across several industry segments, such as: recreational vehicles, marine, transit and school bus, equestrian and cargo trailers, heavy and light trucking, housing and building products, and others. We serve three critical OEM customer needs: High variation with short runs at scale. Plus, specialized, engineered components, and mid-spec requirements.

We are a global company with 66 U.S locations, as well as locations in Canada, Mexico, Tunesia, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Ireland, and Italy. Research and development expertise and innovation is a core component of our long-term strategy and we are committed to the safety of our environment and our communities through conscious resource selection and process improvements that aim to lessen the impact of our manufacturing processes.


With over 15 state-of-the-art facilities across the country, our team at LCI is highly trained, and superiorly equipped to coat products with the durable, scratch-resistant, customized protection and finishes they need to meet our customers' exact needs.

  • ISO-9001 Certified facility
  • E-Coat
    • Largest non-captive system in North America
    • Both cathodic and epoxy acrylic options. Epoxy offers 1,000-hour salt spray and meets military specification MIL-DTL-005308. Acrylic offers 750-hour salt spray with UV protection.
    • 35,000 Gallon tank can accommodate parts 4’ x 8.5’ x 50’
    • Eight-stage pre-treat including full immersion zinc phosphate and non-chrome sealer
  • Powder Coating
  • CARC (Chemical Agent Resistant Coating)
    • Parts up to 5’ x 9’ x 24’
    • Certified TACOM (U.S. Army Tank Automotive and Armaments Command)
  • Pickling
    • Parts up 3.5’ x 3.5’ x 16’
    • Phosphoric acid removes laser, mill, and welding scale, as well as stains from heat treatment, and light surface rust
  • Aluminum Anodizing
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We acquired an internal electronics manufacturing division in 2016 located in Sterling Heights, Michigan. We develop control systems engineered and designed to custom fit with LCI products like slide-outs, leveling systems, sway control, awnings, stabilization and more.

  • Vertically integrated manufacturing; conceptualization, hardware design, software development and manufacturing
  • Environmental product testing and design validation
  • 3D solder paste inspection
  • High speed surface mount board assembly
  • Automated optical X-ray inspection
  • 100% functional testing and error proofing
  • Component level traceability from shipping to receiving
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At Lippert Components, our 440,00 Sq. Ft. furniture manufacturing facility is equipped with the high-tech, state-of-the-art machinery needed for our team to produce top-quality, comfortable, and durable RV and pontoon furniture with unrivaled efficiency and expertise.

  • 440,000 sq. ft. RV furniture and mattress facility:
    • Produces 2,900 RV pieces per day
    • 9,000 marine pieces per day
  • 800,000 sq. ft. of Marine furniture manufacturing space
  • Able to cut 200,000 ft. of wood board per shift
  • Automated Opti-Cutter produces parts from 700 4x6 ft. sheets per shift
  • Ten automated fabric cutters produce 17,000 yards of fabric per day with 12 precision CNC cutters producing 9,000 yards of custom fabric every day
  • 70,000 sq. ft. of sewing machine capacity
  • Custom, rotational plastic molding machines create 900 parts per shift
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Extensive capabilities, custom solutions, and world-class customer service make Lippert Components a one-stop shop for all your glass needs. Our state-of-the-art glass bending and fabrication facility in Northern Indiana was brought online to specifically service the transportation industry with cutting edge technologies.

  • Nineteen window and glass facilities globally:
  • Over 1.8mm sq. ft. of manufacturing
  • Eight tempering, lamination, and fabrication facilities globally
  • Ten digital printing machines
  • Ballistics glass capabilities
  • Bent and curved glass
  • Insulated / storm glass units
  • Over 70 windows engineers
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When it comes to lamination our team at LCI produces 4,000 laminated panels every day in our 550,000 SQFT manufacturing facility. With multiple sizes, corner specifications, colors and finishes available, we can create a laminate product that meets the specifications our customers are looking for.

  • 550,000 sq. Ft. of manufacturing space
  • 4,000 laminated panels daily
  • Automated coal cut line reduces material waste
  • 110” hot melt laminator can handle sizes up to 110” x 30’
  • Pressed membrane laminated countertop capabilities handle sizes up to 50” by 96”
  • 2,000 entry doors and 3,500 baggage doors produced daily
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At LCI, we serve a multitude of industries when it comes to mattresses -- including RV, heavy truck, colleges, and more. All mattresses of the mattresses that leave our production lines are designed for comfort and durability, and they’re built to code in our 440,000 SQFT production facility where our team makes 3,700 mattresses every shift.

Servicing multiple industries, such as, RV, residential, truck, and hospitality industries:

  • 440,000 sq. Ft. manufacturing footprint, including
  • Complete custom solutions for any need /li>
  • Built to ISO 9001, 1633 Federal Burn, Cal 129 & Boston Burn specifications /li>
  • 3,700 mattresses per shift /li>
  • Automated machines can roll and compress mattresses for easy shipping
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Metal Fabrication

Our metal fabrication capabilities combine cutting-edge innovation with heavy-duty, reliable construction. Equipped with robotic welding cells, laser-cutting machines, metal stamping capabilities and more — LCI team members are skillfully trained to deliver top-quality, precise parts and components to the wide variety of industries we serve.

Lasers: Five CO2 and Fiber lasers

Five CNC Turrets

  • Stampings
  • Three 150-ton presses
  • One of each: 200-, 300-, and 600-ton presses
  • Three 400-ton presses
  • Two 500-ton presses
  • Forming
  • One of each: 60- and 160-ton presses
  • Six 80-ton presses
  • Two 90-ton and 230-ton presses
  • Ten coil-fed
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Plastic Molding

Our new state-of-the-art facility in Ft. Wayne, Indiana has 20 roto-cast arms. Additionally, we have two thermo forming divisions in Indiana and Texas with 10 machines (ISO certified paint facility with color match in Indiana).

Current capabilities include:

  • Thermoforming
  • Injection Molding
  • Roto-Molding

Current product lineup includes:

  • HVAC systems
  • Ascetic trim & panels
  • Fender skirts
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