Center Point®

Our Center Point® suspension system absorbs impact caused by road shock and provides a smoother ride and optimum brake efficiency. It’s easy to install and dramatically improves passenger comfort and reduces side to side trailer sway.


Over 85 percent of all semi tractors on the road today have some kind of air ride suspension. Shouldn't your towable RV have the same kind of ride? The answer is YES, and now you can do it affordably with the Center Point® Air Ride Suspension System

  • Air bag absorbs road shock and vibrations from both axles simultaneously and without delay
  • Dampens road shock more effectively than torsion axles
  • Protects your RV and cargo by absorbing raod shock
  • Dramatically improves braking distance in panic stops
  • Improves the overall ride and reduces driver fatique
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Equa-Flex vs. Mor-Ryde during comprehensive testing by Rousch Industries

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Center Point<sup>®</sup> Tandem Axle Aftermarket Manual

Center Point® Tandem Axle Aftermarket Manual


Center Point<sup>®</sup> Triple Axle Aftermarket Manual

Center Point® Triple Axle Aftermarket Manual