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Lippert Components Debuts Sway Command Tow Control Technology on Jayco Travel Trailer Rvs at Rvia Louisville National Trade Show

Lippert Components Debuts Sway Command Tow Control Technology on Jayco Travel Trailer Rvs at Rvia Louisville National Trade Show

November 23, 2015

Elkhart, Ind. — Lippert Components, Inc. (LCI®) is debuting its new Sway Command Tow Control Technology on Jayco travel trailer RVs at the 2015 RVIA Louisville National Trade Show in Louisville, Ky., from December 1-3. Sway Command uses advanced microprocessor technology to electronically detect trailer sway and apply the trailer brakes to suppress unwanted sway. Jayco will be the only manufacturer to feature Sway Command until April 2016.

“Considering the fact that none of us can put a price tag on our family’s safety, it was a ‘no brainer’ for us to enter into an exclusive arrangement with LCI to make the new Sway Command system available in our entire travel trailer lineup,” said Brad Whitehead, Jayco Vice President of Sales & Product Development. “We were particularly drawn to the Sway Command system when they were able to demonstrate its capabilities on the test track during an adverse sway event. It’s not complicated, it works in conjunction with mechanical sway control equipment, and we were able to take it to market at a very affordable price point. We feel like this is one of the most significant options we’ve made available for a long time, primarily because of the peace of mind it can deliver to the Jayco end user.”

LCI Chief Executive Officer Jason Lippert agrees. “This innovative system is designed to give RVers peace of mind while towing, and, unlike competing products, Sway Command has built-in technology to prevent trailer brakes from activating unnecessarily when detecting up-and-down ‘sway’ in adverse towing conditions. It activates to suppress side-to-side sway only,” said Jason Lippert. “We’re always seeking customer feedback to help us develop the products our customers really want, and Sway Command’s patent-pending design is just what our customers asked for.”

LCI VP of Electronics Rob Ford explained that Sway Command, coupled with a good weight distribution hitch system, can greatly reduce trailer sway during emergency maneuvers to avoid traffic accidents or other road obstructions. “Using a weight distribution hitch with sway control bars will handle minor sway events, but that alone isn’t enough to handle extreme sway events that can send the trailer into a potentially dangerous situation,” said Ford. “These systems may give drivers a false sense of security, causing them to overcompensate when an extreme sway event occurs and make the situation even worse. Sway Command helps drivers by sensing a sway event before they can, operating the trailer brakes to deter a potentially dangerous situation.”

Other factors that can contribute to trailer sway include high winds, large passing vehicles, and hilly, uneven highways. The patent-pending Sway Command Tow Control Technology detects side-to-side trailer movement using unique motion-sensing hardware and software, then applies the left and right trailer brakes to limit trailer sway. The controller mounts behind the trailer hitch on a horizontal trailer frame member and is wired into the trailer junction box. Unlike other systems on the market, the Sway Command system uses both accelerometers and gyro sensors to differentiate between side-to-side and up-and-down movement to prevent false activation. The Sway Command light pod mounts to the front of the trailer and features red and green LED lights to signal to the driver that it has been activated and is working properly. The LCI Electronics team is also working on a digital app integration that would track Sway Command operation and display that information.

Sway Command Product Manager Chris Hige emphasized that the system was designed specifically to promote trailer towing safety. “We have submitted the system to rigorous testing in sway-inducing towing conditions, including hard swerves, and will validate the system for each unique OEM floor plan to ensure customer satisfaction,” said Hige. “Several OEMs have expressed interest in Sway Command and are ready to offer customers a better, less stressful towing experience.” Sway Command Tow Control Technology will be available only on Jayco travel trailer RVs through April 2016. LCI will offer the product to all RV manufacturers starting in May. Watch the Sway Command product video, email or visit for more information.

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