Enjoy a supportive embrace all night with the iRelax® memory foam mattress. Memory foam contours to the curves of your body in response to heat and pressure to provide a custom sleep experience. A dense foam core supports your body to relieve pressure points, reduce motion transfer between sleepers and provide firm edge-to-edge support. The ultra-soft knit fabric top adds an extra layer of luxurious, long-lasting comfort.

  • Luxurious memory foam molds to body in response to heat and pressure
  • Dense foam core
    • Supports body along curves to relieve pressure points
    • Reduces energy transfer between sleeping partners
    • Provides complete edge-to-edge support
  • Ultra-soft, ultra-durable circular knit fabric offers long-term comfort
  • Lightweight: you can reach under-bed storage
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iRelax Sell Sheet

iRelax Sell Sheet