Lippert Components supplies premium kitchen appliances, sinks, tubs and showers for RVs, boats and homes. Our Better Bath® thermoformed sinks, tubs and showers have been the quality benchmark for more than fifty years, and our Furrion® RV Chef Collection includes low-water usage dishwashers, induction cooktops and microwaves, all designed to withstand extreme RV travel vibrations.


Our Better Bath thermoformed sinks and sink covers are made in America and designed to last. With multiple colors, styles and custom printed glass backsplashes available, we provide a range of lightweight luxury products to enhance every kitchen and bathroom.

Our durable ABS showers and tub products are both attractive and lightweight. In RVs, these help reduce overall vehicle weight for better gas mileage.

We offer a premium line of galley appliances specifically designed and tested to withstand the rigors of mobile marine and RV environments. The new Furrion RV Chef Collection includes sleek, high-performance induction cooktops, microwaves and low-water usage dishwashers.

Printed glass backsplashes and decorative accents are lighter and much easier to clean than other materials like heavy ceramic tiles. Our specialized glass printer prints realistic replications of marble, ceramic tiles and more on glass providing classic styles, but with a significantly shortened installation time. The printer permanently etches ceramic ink into the glass during the tempering process, delivering a durable surface with very high resolution print quality.

Showers & Bathtubs


Custom Glass Printing