Never Fail Whisper Disk

Our Never Fail Whisper Disk will protect your towing equipment and eliminate obnoxious hitch noises.

This Product is only available to Aftermarket Consumers.


Stop the Noise

As you maneuver your fifth-wheel RV at low speeds or while backing up, a standard lube disk will produce loud, obnoxious noises because it’s made of soft, poorly-lubricated material that allows the hitch to be jerked about within the mounting rails. Order our maintenance-free and permanently-lubricated Never Fail Whisper Disk now to prevent possible damage and stop the noise for good. Its unique and durable material prevents wear and tear and eliminates noise. It will NEVER wear out and it will NEVER break! The Never Fail Whisper Disk was designed to give you peace and quiet for the long haul!

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Never Fail Whisper Disk Flyer

Never Fail Whisper Disk Flyer