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Residential and Building

Lippert Components manufactures a range of products for the residential housing and building products industry. From attractive entry doors and sleek vinyl windows to kitchen, bath and interior finishes, our custom capabilities help create modern and efficient living spaces. 

Denver Mattress

Denver Mattress RV Collection mattresses are made in America and provide luxurious comfort with supportive plant-based foams and other natural materials that promote a healthy and restful sleep experience. Denver Mattresses are available in a variety of sizes to perfectly fit your RV and are lightweight in case you need to reach storage under the bed.

Euro Loft Bed Lift

The EuroLoft Bed Lift by Project 2000 utilizes a unique nylon strap-based system, adaptable to a broad range of RV and heavy truck applications including cabs, patios, living rooms, slide-out rooms and master bedrooms. The straps retract into the bed base, concealing the lifting system in the retracted position, permitting OEMs more floor plan design freedom. The nearly silent EuroLoft system is operated by a single motor that controls four support mounts to raise and lower the bed at 2.3 inches per second. The 800-pound capacity system can be customized in both size and configuration to maximize space in any motorhome, towable RV or truck cab floor plan design. The system can even “bend” to conform to wall curvatures found in some motorhome cabs.

Flow Max Pump

Fresh water when you want it and when you need it. The new Flow Max water pump delivers a steady flow of water to your RV.

Flow Max™ Faucets

Fresh water when you want it and when you need it. Lippert Components' Flow Max water pump delivers a steady flow of water to your RV. Compared to other water pumps on the market, Flow Max delivers superior pressure performance, averaging 45 PSI with an average 3.30 gallons per minute water flow (12V version). This is especially important on larger RVs that have extended plumbing running between the source point and the pump. Flow Max offers superior performance all at a price below similar products on the market today.

Residential Entry Doors

Lippert Components manufactures a broad range of attractive steel, aluminum, fiberglass and vinyl doors for factory built and manufactured homes. With our proprietary designs, we build each door from start to finish, ensuring we consistently bring you premium, American-made products that will stand the test of time.

Residential Windows

We build sophisticated windows that provide more than just a pretty view — every product detail contributes to the safety, comfort and quality of your home. With quality features like advanced thermal performance, simple DIY installation, and dual weather seals, our wide range of residential windows provides superior strength, security, and durability.

Stainless Steel Sinks

Available in single basin farmers sink and double bowl varieties. Modern .3937" curved corners give a sleeker look than the standard .5" corners, but are easier to clean than zero radius corners. Stainless steel material makes for easy clean up and an updated appearance. Standard 3 1/2" drain opening is compatible with most garbage disposals and drain baskets. Channel grooves prevent sitting water in the sink bowl.

Towable RV/MH Chassis

Lippert Components has long been a leader in strong, steel towable RV, trailer, park model and residential housing chassis. We also build custom toter trailers, skid and drag frames, modular carriers and similar products. We take our chassis design and manufacturing very seriously because chassis are literally the foundation of our customers’ business.