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SessaKlein Railway Solutions

Leading innovation in railway solutions.

Since 1871, Sessa Klein has been one of the world’s leading innovator in railway solutions. Sessa Klein Railway Solutions is known as one of the leading manufacturers of custom glass and windows for rolling stock. By offering innovative designs and a wide portfolio of standard and customized solutions, we work with our customers from start to finish to achieve the highest quality railway solutions.

Our mission is to provide excellence in customer satisfaction through our technological innovations and through the commitment of our leadership and expert team members. At Sessa Klein, we understand the challenges and intricacies of the rolling stock industry and the global marketplace, and we fearlessly challenge ourselves every day to exceed the needs of our customers.

In 2017, Sessa Klein was acquired by Lippert Components (LCI), a North American manufacturer of engineered solutions to the mobile transportation and leisure vehicle markets. LCI has long been a leading producer of glass and window solutions for the transport bus, RV, marine, off-highway, heavy trucking and specialty vehicle markets. The synergies of the two companies made for a natural partnership and paves a great path for success. In 2018, a second rolling stock manufacturing facility was opened in Springfield, Tennessee that will be providing solutions to the North American mass transit market.

High Quality, Higher Standards.

Two Locations

We have strategic locations in Castronno, Italy and Springfield, Tennessee USA, Sessa Klein in order to best serve our customers. Having locations in Europe and the US gives us the ability to serve both markets in the most efficient fashion.

Certified Quality

All the materials and components are chosen from top-class and certified vendors, in compliance with international standards, respecting the most importance parameters for safety (i.e. fire and smoke) and technical performance. See all certifications.

Visual Appeal

We pay particular attention to the visual aspects and the protection of aluminum to promote long-term duration in real world railway applications and to prevent corrosion, either through anodization or through liquid and powder coating.

Window & Glass Solutions

Sessa Klein windows are designed to meet customer specifications and the most severe performances in terms of mechanics, fatigue and tightness. All production batches are controlled and tested with appropriate quality procedures during each single phase for functionality, dimension tolerances, aesthetic and general features such as water tightness.

Sessa Klein products are engineered with essential key benefits such as standardization of components, acoustic performance, weight balance, ergonomics, electrical hazard and fire and smoke behavior by choosing the best, and not the cheapest, certified materials in the market.

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The Glass Choice

Sessa Klein believes that one of the essential elements for superior product performance is the glass choice. Acting as an independent consultant, our solid relationships with the world’s top glass manufacturers allow us to choose the best solutions for our customers. From structural performance, safety, luminous and solar characteristics, thermal transmittance (U value), and optical distortion, we choose only the best glass for each and every project. The glass determination is always driven by the correct balance between costs, future spares availability and the best possible outcome in operating conditions. We are highly experienced with the use of all rolling stock glass types:

Toughened Safety Glass
Toughened Safety Glass
Toughened Safety Glass
Laminated Safety Glass
Toughened Safety Glass
Insulated Glass
Toughened Safety Glass
Annealed Glass

Engineering Techniques

Responding to the market growing demand for innovative solutions, the Sessa Klein Engineering Division is always ready to offer our customers extensive know-how that ranges from planning and design, to operation reliability and product safety.

All Sessa Klein new models are 3D designed, using advanced software systems such as Catià V5, directly linked to customer and suppliers databases via virtual private networks, on demand or continuously, for co-design purposes.

The native 3D design and calculation generates major benefits throughout all project phases, virtually eliminating interferences, mechanical misalignments and insufficient tolerances. Furthermore it’s the basis for preventive weight optimization and for accelerating CNC milling machineries programming, reducing the lead time.

Sessa Klein is a pioneer in structural bonding in the windows sector since the early 1990’s, originally in high speed trains. This technology is now also largely applied to mass market solutions and Sessa Klein is equipped with a skilled team of professionals and state-of-the-art machinery to produce large batches of bonded windows.

At Sessa Klein, we know that train manufacturers need to shorten installation time and that typically, anti-graffiti film applications on the windows internal and/or external sides are often considered a time-consuming and risky task. For that very reason, Sessa Klein offers this value added service.

In 2005, we installed a new clean room, dust free by means of an internal overpressure system, specifically designed for the application of anti-vandalism and anti-graffiti films over the finished windows. This highly specialized application process also includes specific tooling for window manipulation and packing directly designed by Sessa Klein in order to protect films during the drying phase.

Sessa Klein has co-designed and installed state-of-the-art CNC-controlled flash butt welding machinery that allows us to automatically manage all the welding parameters with tremendous results in terms of reliability of the welded cord and aesthetic effect in case of frame anodization.

Traditional TIG welding is also a major Sessa Klein process. We use only the best aluminum TIG rods for certified metallurgical and aesthetic results.



IRIS Revision 3 Certification

International Railway Industry Standard - Rev 3, February 2018


IIS Cert
UNI EN 15085-2 Certification


TC Kleben
DIN 6701 Certification


Alstom LP150

Alstom transport welcomes Sessa Klein for its window activity within the LP150 Programme regrouping its best suppliers.


Ansaldo Breda

Enrollment into the list of the Ansaldo Breda SpA Official Suppliers.


OBB (Österreichische Bundesbahnen Technische Services)

Certificate of the enrollment in the list of the OBB Austrian Railway Official Suppliers.


SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Français)

Certificate of the enrolment in the list of the SNCF French Railway Official Suppliers.

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