TV Lift Systems

Our lightweight Schwintek TV Lift system is easy-to-install and program, and our smart technology shuts off the motor in case of obstruction.


Our TV Lift is a great way to save on counter space and an impressive way to display your TV! Now, for the first time, it is being offered in an easy-to-install aftermarket kit.

Quick Facts

  • Patended worm rail design efficiently moves TV up and down
  • Easy one-button program; use the same button to program the two stopping points — programming takes less than one minute
  • Lifts TVs weiging up to 200 pounds
  • Requires less depth than other systems
  • Wireless remote, manual switch and mounting hardware included
  • 10-foot wiring harness allows for flexible installation
  • Perfect for the home as well
  • Can be used for other applications, such as cabinets, etc
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Easily mounts to cabinet, fireplace, counter, etc.