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Destination Tri-Fold Sofa

Our one-piece, lightweight aluminum design requires no spare mattress to store. In just four simple steps, it transforms into a comfortable bed.

The Industry's Best Sleeper Sofa

Our Patent-pending Destination Tri-Fold Sofa has quickly become the hide-a-bed of choice for the RV industry. This sofa has been praised by manufacturers and campers for its functionality and comfortable sleep surface.

Traditional hide-a-beds have uncomfortable mattresses with support bars that can make sleeping uncomfortable. Air mattress hide-a-beds eliminate the support bar issue, but can be damaged more easily and become unusable.

The Destination Tri-Fold Sofa coverts from sofa to a very supportive, high-density foam sleep surface in four simple steps. Now campers can actually look forward to sleeping on the couch!

Quick Facts

  • Converts from sofa to sleep surface in four simple steps
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • High-density foam provides the most comfortable sleep surface ever introduced for a hide-a-bed
  • No support bar to disrupt sleep
  • No air mattresses that are easily damaged
  • Multiple design options

LCI only sells this product to aftermarket dealers, distributors, or retail customers on a warranty replacement basis. If you own this product and need it replaced, please call our customer support hotline at 574-537-8900.