8800 Series Sliding Window

The 8800 Series Slide Window is sleek and efficient. With no exposed exterior fasteners, the 8800 series has a smooth, automotive appearance. Improved interior engineering improves water management. A redesigned screen improves retention and functionality.

This product is only available to OEMs.

  • Improved exterior styling; the 8800 series slider has no exposed exterior fasteners, which gives the window smoother exterior lines
  • New and improved covered weep chambers eliminate exposed weep holes and water track
  • New screen design; Flush, low profile screen design improves clearance and retention
  • Increased sill slope to 30 degrees for improved water management
  • Standard clamp ring installation available for various wall thicknesses
  • Removable screens on all vents
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8800 Series Sliding Window Sell Sheet

8800 Series Sliding Window Sell Sheet