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Lippert Academy for Leadership

We’ve created the Lippert Academy for Leadership to build on and transfer what we’ve
learned from our journey to share with you and your organization.

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LCI’s Attrition Rate Dropped from 120% to Below 30% in Six Years

The Lippert Academy for Leadership builds on and shares what LCI has learned through its mission to align business and cultural strategies to impact the lives of its 11,000 team members in over 65 facilities across the United States, Canada, and Europe. We’ve helped external companies with:

Core Values and Mission Statement
Core Values & Mission
Statement Discovery

Understanding who you are.

Through the course of discussions and interactions, we can help you discover and define your Core Values. Then, we help create and deliver impactful training to rally your organization.

Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning 

Where are you going and how are you going to get there?

When it is time to talk about moving everyone in the same direction, let us help you create the environment and drive the conversation. We help you develop operational goals and measure success without sacrificing the most important thing … relationships.

Keynotes and Breakouts
Keynotes & Breakouts

Making your conference memorable

We will create a customized experience for your event and provide a session your attendees will not soon forget. We do not like the “sit and listen” sessions any more than you do. Our facilitators keep audiences engaged, entertained, and inspired.

"As we’ve grown, learned, and refined our own leadership training and development programs, our Company recognized that this was a wonderful opportunity to take some of that knowledge and support the leadership, cultural, and business goals of other organizations."

- Jason Lippert, CEO Lippert Components, Inc.

Ready to Learn More? Let's Talk!

The Lippert Academy for Leadership is a separate division within the company and is open to any and all interested companies and businesses and is not specific to any one industry or company size. We are excited to share our knowledge and tools with other like-minded businesses.

Lippert Academy for Leadership

About Dustin Kaehr

For the past two years, Dustin Kaehr has served as one of LCI’s Directors of Leadership Development. He has over 20 years of experience helping large and small organizations with leadership challenges, operational management, and employee/customer engagement. Kaehr is also the author of two books: a business book entitled, “Retail is…50 Thoughts, Ideas, and Conversations to Make Your Business Better,” and his latest book, released in October 2018, entitled, “Dear Boys…The Letter Every Son Needs From His Father”.