Lippert Components is the leading supplier of electronics for the RV and boating industries. We offer a complete line of premium Furrion® audiovisual, power, camera and navigation products, as well as OneControl, myRV® and Linc® remote control and monitoring systems. We recently debuted Sway Command Tow Control Technology for travel trailer RVs and offer the innovative Tire Linc® Pressure Monitoring System.


Most televisions are not made to take the beating that 10-foot waves and rough roads can dish out, but our Furrion® VibrationSmart™ LED TVs are designed with metal plating and heavy-duty metal brackets to withstand extreme boat and RV travel vibrations. All of our Furrion® audiovisual products, including 19- to 58-inch DC and AC LED TVs, premium speakers, sound bars and multimedia players, are designed to entertain and built to move.

We all know how scary a travel trailer RV sway event can be, especially when making emergency maneuvers at high speeds. A weight distribution hitch with sway control bars will help in minor sway events, but that’s not enough! Our patent-pending Sway Command Tow Control Technology promotes safety by applying the trailer brakes before a major sway event can get out of control.

Furrion® is a leading innovator in smart power technology that puts customer safety first. Our RV and boat power solutions include a full range of quality cord sets, adapters, inlets and accessories. Powersmart™ inlets feature blue LED lights to indicate voltage, Faultsmart™ cords use LED lights to let users know if they are plugging into a trustworthy source, and Pullsmart™ handles prevent dangerous neutral loss situations.

We help you and your family get to your RV destination safely with premium Furrion® Observation Systems, Back-up Cameras and Navigation Systems. These products are all designed and tested to withstand extreme temperatures and travel vibrations.

Our Tire Linc incorporates an internal valve stem transmitter on the tires of the RV, enabling a driver to monitor the RV tire pressure and temperature. In case of rapid pressure fluctuation, a warning provides a window of time to pull the vehicle over and visually inspect tires, possibly preventing accidents. The Tire Linc system is also perfect for motorhomes and buses of any size.

The ONEControl mobile app, myRV tablet and Linc Switch system puts the power into your customers’ hands. This technology lets users remotely control and monitor many RV systems and access how-to videos, product information and more, all from their smartphone, easy-to-use, touch-screen myRV tablet or Linc remote.




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