Euro Slide RV Slide-Out

The award-winning Euro Slide RV slide-out system increases living space, without adding extra weight. Lippert Components (LCI) leads the industry in innovative RV slide-out technology, building more than 150,000 RV slide-out systems for the world market every year. LCI has more than 80 slide-out-related patents and offers a complete line of slide-out solutions to maximize space and enhance the camping experience.


We have spent nearly two years interviewing European travelers, manufacturers, and suppliers to determine the ideal combination of slide-out product features to complement modern caravan and motorhome designs. LCI worked with European engineers to develop a new system that addresses these unique requirements of the European caravan and motorhome market — the Euro Slide.

The space created by the Euro Slide room weighs less than the space of the rest of the vehicle because it doesn’t require additional frame and chassis components. With a little creative design, a leisure vehicle could be shortened, weigh less, and actually feature more living space when slide-outs are added.

  • Increases living space, without adding extra weight
  • Radius corners and narrow molding match other caravan doors and fixtures to provide a cohesive style and sleek appearance
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Euro Slide

Euro Slide Vehicle

Euro Slide Layouts

Euro Slide Layouts