Lippert Components is well known for manufacturing versatile, compact and comfortable furniture and luxurious lightweight mattresses for boats, RVs, motorhomes and heavy trucks. Our Thomas Payne® Collection includes modular Theater Seating, Jackknife and Tri-Fold Sofas, and Recliners. Our Denver Mattress® RV Collection mattresses are made of plant-based foam and other natural materials that promote a healthy and restful sleep experience. We also offer lightweight custom printed glass décor including backsplashes and interior decorative accents.


We manufacture a broad range of versatile, compact and comfortable furniture for boats, RVs, motorhomes, heavy trucks and homes. Working closely with customers and fostering a free exchange of knowledge and expertise between our boat furniture team and RV furniture team allows us to develop fresh and exciting solutions for all the markets we serve.

Printed glass backsplashes and decorative accents are lighter and much easier to clean than other materials like heavy ceramic tiles. Our specialized glass printer prints realistic replications of marble, ceramic tiles and more on glass providing classic styles, but with a significantly shortened installation time. The printer permanently etches ceramic ink into the glass during the tempering process, delivering a durable surface with very high resolution print quality.

We supply a broad range of comfortable mattresses, ranging from traditional innerspring, to cooling memory foam and environmentally-friendly biodegradable foam mattresses. Our Denver Mattress RV Collection offers premium residential and special RV size mattresses and bedding so you can take the comfort of home on the road. Our Jackknife and Tri-Fold Sofas not only provide comfortable seating during the day, they also transform into supportive sleeping surfaces at night.


Sleep Systems

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