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Ultimate campsite stability.

We help RVers get the ultimate stability at their campsite with our complete line of manual and electric RV jacks and stabilizers. From manual stabilizers and sidewinder jacks to power tongue jacks and stabilizer jacks, we have heavy-duty, time-saving jack and stabilizer solutions for every campsite set up.

Smart Jack™

"Smart" is an understatement when it comes to this RV trailer jack. Designed with the same durability and strength as our Power Tongue Jack, the Smart Jack™ takes raising and lowering a-frame trailers to a whole new level.The Smart Jack features hitch height recognition mode. Once the hitch height is set, the Smart Jack will store and remember that information until a new height is stored. To set this up, first measure the ball height on the tow vehicle once unloaded. Next, extend the Smart Jack to a distance that is 4'' higher than the unloaded ball height. Lastly, set the hitch height by pressing and holding the up and down arrow buttons until the interface flashes.

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Quick Drop® Tongue Jack

The Quick Drop Tongue Jack is the first RV jack of its kind, allowing RVers to extend and retract the jack using a power drill and ¾" socket head. Just flip over the manual crank handle to expose a ¾" hex nut, insert the socket head, and using your power drill, the Quick Drop Tongue Jack extends and retracts in seconds without the exhaustive hand-cranking! If your power drill has a low battery, use the manual crank handle to extend and retract the jack. Simply put, the Quick Drop Tongue Jack saves time and energy when uncoupling and re-hooking the trailer, all at about the same price as other manual RV crank jacks on the market today.

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Manual Sidewinder Tongue Jack

The 2,000-pound capacity Manual Sidewinder Jack is a must-have for all travel trailer RV or cargo trailer owners. This RV jack features a powder-coated rust-inhibitive finish and 14-3/4" of stroke. The Manual Sidewinder Jack comes complete with a hardware mounting kit.

  • 14-3/4" stroke
  • 2-3/8" outer, 2" inner tube
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Electric Tongue Jacks

Our 3,500-pound capacity Power Tongue Jack makes lifting and lowering an RV trailer so easy. With electric power, the Power Tongue Jack lifts an RV with ease with just the flip of the switch. The Power Tongue Jack features helical cut gears that reduce noise and improve operating efficiencies, and includes four LED lights, making camp setup simple and easy, day or night.

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