Simplify The Journey

Leave old switch-based analog technology in the dust with the OneControl® mobile app or the hard-wired digital touch panel. This technology lets users remotely control and monitor many RV systems from a smartphone or hard-wired digital touchscreen (available in 5" or 7" sizes).

The smarter way to RVOneControl® Technology

With the push of a button…

Access and control your coach’s many features with the OneControl mobile app! When using the OneControl app, you’ll have remote access via OneControl ConnectAnywhere™ technology, allowing push-of-a-button control, no matter where the road takes you. From remote boondocking sites to low service areas and “dead zones” in National Forests and Parks, OneControl ConnectAnywhere™ and Wireless technology is powering your recreational lifestyle.

The OneControl mobile app connects to your RV and allows complete control of many of your RV’s most important functions. From awnings and lighting to automatic leveling systems, water tanks and more, control your home away from home with just the push of a button.

Control and Monitor

Control and monitor landing gear, temperature, tank levels and more

Control and Monitor

Wi-Fi Control

Fast Wi-Fi for streaming backup camera video or using as hot spot

Wi-Fi Control

More Device Support

Includes HVAC, IR remote, dimmable-RGB lighting and back-up/security camera

More Device Support
OneControl App

Automotive CAN Network

Hardwired back up system in case wireless becomes unavailable and wireless access if hardwire switches fail

Automotive CAN Network


Plug-and-play support for current and all future OneControl products



Provides access to how-to videos, product videos and owner’s manuals


The Foundation

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity

OneControl Wireless™

OneControl Wireless technology, formerly myRV® technology, brings the connection right to your RV. With signal ranges up to 100 feet, OneControl Wireless gives you the power to operate your RV’s many features by using the OneControl mobile app. OneControl Wireless
brings you more capabilities and more time to explore.

OneControl is truly scalable solution to make your RV a “Smart RV.” It all starts with OneControl Wireless. With this foundation, the user can operate, control and monitor
an infinite amount of devices and equipment.

Stabilizer JackStabilizer Jack
Landing GearLanding Gear
Bed LiftsBed Lifts
Water PumpWater Pump
Universal IR RemoteUniversal IR Remote
Multiple Light ZonesMultiple Light Zones
TV LiftTV Lift
Vent CoverVent Cover
Tank MonitorTank Monitor

Take OneControl to
the Next Level

Cellular and Satellite Connectivity OneControl ConnectAnywhere™

Built on the same technology that brought you OneControl Wireless technology, OneControl ConnectAnywhere brings RVers enhanced technology powered by a cellular or satellite connection. With OneControl ConnectAnywhere technology, operating your RV’s many features with the OneControl mobile app has never been easier!

OneControl ConnectAnywhere is a true cellular system. If there is no Wifi network at the campground, the system will work seamlessly off the user’s cellular network. ConnectAnywhere can be used on any cellular network (sim card needed).

What you can control

  • Remotely control your RV’s HVAC system to heat or cool your RV to your liking before you arrive.
  • Control lights that may have been left on, or turn lights on so you don’t have to arrive in the dark.
  • Monitor your water tanks levels from anywhere; very handy when planning your RV adventure.

New Features!

We’re constantly working to upgrade the OneControl app to control and monitor even more RV functions. With the OneControl app, you can now control Dimming Lights Control, Backup Cameras, Travel Trailer Leveling, Universal Infrared Remote and Rgb Lighting Interface.

We hold the key to success

Lippert Components offers the RV industry the only complete RV control solution. We proactively bring you the most exciting technology as its emerging. We offer advanced hardware, custom architectural development, robust software development and cutting edge app-driven user interfaces. This technology will make you a leader in the RV industry as we move forward together into this new digital frontier.

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