Ramp Doors

Our 3000-pound capacity Ramp Doors are available with multiple flooring options. The power version opens and closes with the flip of a switch and has load-sensing technology to stop it in case of obstruction.

This product is only available to OEMs.

  • Optional side compression latch
  • Improved seal
  • Vacuum-bonded construction
  • Weighs 20% lighter than the competition
  • When used as Ramp Door: up to 3000-pounds. loading capacity, 1000 pounds per wheel
  • When used as a Patio: up to 1,500-pound capacity
  • Standard slotted hinge makes installation easier
  • Multiple flooring options
  • Open and close the ramp door with a touch of a button
  • Easily installs to any rear ramp door
  • Load-sensing technology stops expansion and retraction in case of obstruction
  • Easy to use manual override in case of power failure
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Media Section

Ramp Door Patio Kit Owner's Manual

Ramp Door Patio Kit Owner's Manual