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Rota Flex Pin Box
Rota Flex Pin Box
  • Reduces vibration more than 2X the competition!
  • Pivoting head significantly reduces fore-to-aft coach movement (chucking)
  • Rubberized torsion compound absorbs motion and vibration caused by road shock
  • Absorbs road shock that would otherwise be absorbed by your RV, preventing costly damage
  • Now with powder-coated lower jaw!
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Air Ride Pin Box
Air Ride Pin Box
  • Gas shock and air bag absorb road shock and control fore-to-aft-coach movement (chucking)
  • Protects RV from road shock and vibrations, potentially saving owners from costly repairs
  • Improves ride and reduces driver fatigue
  • Can be retrofitted to most pin boxes on the market
  • Replaces all popular LCI pin boxes; 16K (1621), 18K (1621), 21K long jaw (1621), 21K (1716), 18K (0719), 21K (1116)
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Flex Air Pin Box
Flex Air Pin Box
  • Our integrated air bag acts as a buffer between the tow vehicle and coach to absorb road shock and vibrations that can damage an RV.
  • As the air bag absorbs road shock and vibration, the oil shock absorber handles rebound action, dampening kickback and controlling chucking.
  • The heavy-duty pivoting head in its lower jaw controls the vertical tug-of-war between the tow vehicle and RV.
  • The durable rubberized compound provides an additional buffer to help protect the RV from jarring motion.
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Turning Point Pin Box
Turning Point Pin Box
  • Turning point moves the fifth-wheel pivot point 22 inches rearward creating extra clearance, making it an ideal solution for half-ton, short bed pickup trucks
  • Turning point offers a 90-degree “plus” turning radius. This makes turning corners and parking the fifth-wheel easier than ever
  • Lippert engineering approved – will not void chassis warranty as some aftermarket pin box solutions will
  • SAE dynamic tested and approved; Turning Point tested at two times the SAE required static load in all directions

OEM installation only - not for aftermarket installation