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Lippert's Remote RV Service Program Details

Lippert is working with a few select campgrounds to help understand & improve the RV maintenance and service experience for campers like you.

This remote service pilot program is a free-to-you program that will connect you with qualified remote RV technicians if and when you need them.

The program will run from 8/5/21 - 9/5/21. When you opt in, you will be given access to a service that will connect you with a certified RV technician to help you with any of your RV related needs or questions.

In order to access this service, you will need to register for the pilot program.

After completing registration, details about how to access the service will be emailed to you directly.

Whether you are at a campsite of a participating park or elsewhere in the country, you will always be able to access remote technicians free of charge to help assist you with your RV service needs and questions for the duration of the pilot program.

Pilot program participants are highly encouraged to have a multi-meter, screwdriver, and socket set on hand at the time of the call to aid in basic troubleshooting and repair.

What our remote technician can help you with:
• Basic troubleshooting
• Maintenance questions
• Helping identify the right replacement & upgrade components
• Help personalize maintenance checklists
• Cleaning exterior & appliances
• Testing safety equipment
• Getting propane inspections
• RV basics

What our technicians will NOT be able to help with:
• Anything related to engine, transmission, or chassis
• Propane systems repairs
• Residential appliances
• Roadside assistance (i.e. Changing a flat tire while in transit)
• Sourcing replacement & upgrade components
• Travel planning

If you are interested in participating, please sign up below: