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360 Degrees of Protection

Introducing the Road Armor™ Shock Absorbing Equalizer, the latest ride enhancing product brought to you by Lippert Components. Built on our legendary Trailair® anti-shock technology, the patent pending Road Armor Equalizer is the first of its kind to dampen road shock and vibrations transferred from both the leading and trailing trailer axle leaf springs.

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The patented Equa-Flex rubberized equalizer absorbs road shock like a sponge instead of transferring it to the RV and cargo, preventing damage that can be caused by a bumpy ride. Equa-Flex also reduces fore-to-aft movement, often referred to as “chucking,” to provide a smooth, comfortable ride. Equa-Flex also scored a 7.5 out of 10 in independent testing, compared to 5.0 by the leading competitor.

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Center Point

The Center Point® Air Ride Suspension System absorbs impact caused by road shock and provides a smoother ride and optimum brake efficiency. It’s easy to install and dramatically improves passenger comfort and reduces side-to-side trailer sway.

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