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Lippert aims to protect the environment and save resources by selecting sustainable materials and production processes. We use quality recycled materials whenever possible, especially for packaging, and we work to improve our recycling and sustainability programs every year.

Corporate Social
Responsibility Report

Since our inception in 1956, we have strived to be not only a strong manufacturing partner to our customers, but a good corporate partner to our team members, our community, environment, and customers. This report serves as our first formal, comprehensive reporting of these efforts.

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Eco-Friendly Operations

Tons of toxic chemicals eliminated

We eliminate nearly 400 tons of dangerous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) every year by powder-coating our products instead of using coatings comprised of solvents or other harmful materials.

Solar KW hours powered per year

Two of our large facilities have solar arrays on the roof, producing more than 1 million KW Hours per year. We are looking into adding other systems using natural resources at other facilities.

Tons of plastic scraps reground

We regrind more than 900 tons of ABS plastic scraps annually from two thermoforming plants and send them back to our supplier to recycle and reuse.


We’re committed to producing the energy needed for our operations through safe, renewable and environmentally-friendly energy alternatives. Solar energy has been implemented at several of our facilities and we’ve got plans to add more.

Energy Savings from Solar Operations at 4 Facilities: The lifetime of these solar solutions has produced energy equivalent to 222,000 gallons of gasoline. The solar systems have offset the same equivalent of CO2 that would be mitigated by other, more harmful energy sources – the solar energy we’re producing is the equivalent of planting about 50,000 trees.

Committed to Safer Processes for a Healthier Environment

Over the last decade, LCI has been committed to the safety of our environment and our communities through conscious resource selection and process improvements that aim to lessen the impact of manufacturing processes. Through replacement of conventional solvent-borne liquid coatings with environmentally-friendly materials, such as water-based paints, powder coat, and e-coat, we’re dedicated to providing a much safer and cleaner environment for our team members and our communities.

Our eco-friendly coating processes are used company-wide on nearly all of our metal products. Not only do these coating processes provide a longer-lasting finish, these eco-friendly coatings are proven to have several environmentally-conscious advantages over conventional solvent-borne liquid coatings. These processes emit nearly zero chemicals known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), helping reduce the production of smog. In addition, these processes produce fewer amounts of hazardous waste when compared to solvent-borne coatings.

Unlike some finishes, these environmentally-friendly processes contain fewer harmful chemicals, helping keep our team members, our community, and our planet safer and healthier for all.

Powder Coating

Our powder coating operations eliminated approximately 531 tons of VOCs from emitting throughout 2018.

Energy Savings

Every year, we refine our processes to save even more energy. Take a look at the resources we’ve saved by using solar energy instead of conventional energy sources:

Gas = 222,645 (Equivalent energy to gallons of gasoline)

Trees = 50,734 (Equivalent number of trees planted to remove equal amount CO2)

Water = 1,434,737 (Gallons of water saved by not using in energy production)

Energy = 2,869 (MWh produced)

Year-To-Date Recycling

Scrap Metal Recycling

Aluminum = 7,284,242 lbs.

Steel = 44,335,008 lbs.

Recycled Plastics

1,600,000 lbs. from Plant 261

771,841 lbs. from Plant 241

Cardboard Recycling

1,545.8 tons recycled at our Indiana plants

200 tons outside of Indiana

1,700 total tons recycled across all US facilities