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Research & Development

State-of-the-art facilities, customized robotics, and intelligent automation are paving the way for the future of our products. We continue to invest in superior workforce training, cutting-edge machinery and world-class operational processes. Every day, our talented R&D teams work to optimize our products and continue to innovate to deliver award-winning, time-tested components.

Apps & Electronics

At Lippert Components, we’re dedicated to developing innovative software, digital applications, and world-class electronics that provide simple, seamless, and sophisticated experiences that enhance the recreational lifestyle. Our powerful OneControl® smart RV technology transforms the recreational experience by letting users remotely control and monitor their RV systems, all from their smartphone.

OneControl® by Lippert Components puts you in control of your RVing experience. Control lighting, slide-outs, awnings, leveling, and HVAC systems. OneControl ConnectAnywhere™ adds a 4G LTE WiFi hotspot while allowing you to control and monitor certain RV functions anywhere you have a cellular connection. Stream your favorite movies, play online video games, or simply stay connected anywhere the road may take you.

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Augmented Reality & AI

We’re pioneering new ways to interact with customers and inform our industry partners. With sophisticated mixed and augmented reality integrations, our cutting-edge technology gives OEMs a virtual floorplan that we use to engineer precise components to fit any size or space.

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Lean Manufacturing & Automation

Our teams embrace lean initiatives – working smarter, not harder – and we’ve invested in comprehensive training, advanced machinery, layout improvements, and strategic remodeling at many of our facilities. Our teams are on the cutting-edge, continually designing and developing innovative product lines for RVs, boats, building products, and many other industries.